Private Class for Photographers


Private Class for Photographers


Photography is my thang! I love taking photos but I also love teaching others how to step their photography game up! Group classes are an amazing way to learn but there is truly nothing like a 3 hour private mentoring class with me. Whether you're an amateur photographer who is just starting out or you've been in the photography game for a bit and you just want to learn a bit more.. I am here to help you!

Once you decide to purchase a private class and fill out the form - I will then email you to discuss more details. From there, we will then decide on a date and time that works best for both of us. A model will be brought in just for YOU on the day of our class together. During our time together, ask me anything you want! I want to help you and I am here to help you! My entire schedule is set aside to ensure you leave my class with a deeper knowledge and confidence in your abilities.

*What You Will Learn: The best part about this private class is it is completely customized to fit what YOU want to learn. The possibilities are endless :)

*How much? $650

*Location: The SLS Studio.. or a gorgeous park.. or both :)

*What you need: a DSLR camera, whatever lenses you prefer, a laptop (if you have one) and of course, yourself!

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Do I have to be a professional to schedule a mentoring session?

Not at all. Students have ranged from full-time professionals to those who just recently bought a DSLR and want to learn how to use it to its full potential. I love working with everyone, regardless of your level because after all.. we all start somewhere!

I love when the background is "blurry" - can you help me do that?

Absolutely! When I teach my photography classes, that is the number one most requested thing everyone wants to learn how to do. 

I think I want to start a photography business.. could you give me some business advice?

Starting a photography business is nerve wracking.. and exciting!! SLS has been in business for four years and I am more than happy to share what I believe has made SLS so successful. Of course, I will also let you know the mistakes I have made along the way and what I have learned from them.

Do I need to live a certain distance from you so that we are not considered "competitors"?

Nope :) I am more than happy to work with other photographers whether you live down the street from me or 2 hours away! 

Are we going to have a model at our class?

Yes! Yes! Yes! I will supply a model for every group class and private class! Having a model for hands-on-practice is one of the best ways to guarantee that you're understanding what you are learning. The model will be specific to what your needs are.

Can we go over editing in Photoshop?

Part of the class will be us editing one of the images we took, so don't forget to bring your laptop (if you have one! If not, you can use mine) Learning how to take photos is just one of the key elements in photography.. you need to learn editing techniques as well. 

Can you recommend what camera or lens upgrades I should make either now or in the future?

Absolutely.  we'll share our thoughts on what lens and/or camera body upgrades would be best in your specific situation.

Will you review my pictures and give me constructive criticism?

Critique is one of the most powerful teaching/learning tools and I love to use it in mentoring!  Photographers will often send me a link to their online portfolio ahead of our mentoring session so that we can have some thoughts ready in advance. Others will bring along an iPad with some favorite shots and we can view and discuss them together.

Is there anything you won't share with me or talk about during our mentoring session?

Nope. I am an open book! :)


**Please note: There are NO REFUNDS. In the case you can not make the original date, please email me so we can reschedule our class together for another date.